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One cherry blossom flower blooms at Ueno Park on March 15 2013.

Today is March 15 2013. I found one cherry blossom flower at Ueno Park in Tokyo. This flower is blooming silently on high branch, so, almost people did not notice it.

*EDIT on March 16 2013, Japan Meteorological Agency “JMA” declared cherry blossom bloom in Tokyo on March 16 2013. It is the fastest declaration on record.


Report: Tokyo Marathon was held on Feb. 24, 2013.

Tokyo Marathon 2013 was held today. Today was very sunny day and sometimes cold north wind blew. 36000 people of citizen runners and famous guest runners ran in central Tokyo.


St. Valentine’s Day Sales is at its peak on this weekends

St. Valentine’s Day on February 14 is just around the corner, and the busy season for chocolate sellers is at its peak on this weekend. Only women have a habit to give their lovers chocolate with love on Valentine’s Day. If a woman is in one side love with a man, she may tell him how her feels by give chocolate. Because St.Valentine’s Day is such a day in Japan.


Report: Tokyo Soramachi is a shopping mall beneath Tokyo Sky Tree.

It was a beautiful sunny and a little warm sunday today. Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Solamachi were very crowded. People needed numbered tickets to enter the viewing decks of Tokyo Sky Tree. At 3:00 pm, staffs were handing out numbered tickets for 6:00 pm.

Night view of Tokyo


Ginza was clouded. Almost stores were closed at 1 January called “Ganjitsu”. Many stores were open from January 2 or January 3 with their sale.