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Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2013

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum has held Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition from April 23 2013 to June 30 2013. This exhibition shows “Portrait of Musician” and “Codex Atlantics” for the first time in Japan.


Various colored azaleas are full bloom at Nezu Shrine Azaleas Festival now.

Nezu shrine holds azaleas festival until May 6 2013. White, red, pink, Many kinds of azaleas are full bloom now. Nezu shrine is at old-fashioned town. It is a little west of Ueno and close to Tokyo University. Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi built these building in 1706.


Tokyo International Forum holds a classical music festival on the beginning of May.

La Folle Journêe au Japon “Days of Enthusiasm” is a classical music festival. World famous musicians of classical music as singers, pianists, guitarists, violinists, other instruments players, and orchestras perform in parallel here and there from morning until night at Tokyo International Forum and Marunouchi from May 3 to May 5.


Tokyo Fan Week is being held at Harajuku and Omote Sando.

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From February 1 to February 28, Tokyo Fan Week is being held at Harajuku and Omotesando. When you show the official guide-book at affiliated stores and restaurants, you can receive discounts or special gifts.

Yushima-Tenjin Shrine Plum Festival 2013

Yushima-Tenjin is a shrine well-known as divine favor about learning.
So many students visit this shrine and pray to pass examinations to enter schools or universities where they hope.
They write their wishes on wooden votive tablets called “Ema”, and hang them in the shrine area. “Ema” is sold in the shrine.