Yurikamome is a new traffic system a little like a roller coaster.

Yurikamome is a new traffic system which connects between central Tokyo and a waterfront area along Tokyo Bay. When you will go to Odaiba, you may get on this Yurikamome. Yurikamome means black-headed gull in Japanese. Black-headed gull is one of birds that are living at Tokyo Bay.


Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2013

The poster of "portrait of a musician" is at entrance of Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum has held Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition from April 23 2013 to June 30 2013. This exhibition shows “Portrait of Musician” and “Codex Atlantics” for the first time in Japan.


The major fireworks Festivals in Tokyo

A Fireworks Festival at Tokyo Bay. Rainbow Bridge and Many Japanese style boats are.

Many fireworks festivals are in Tokyo every summer. You will be able to see one of them somewhere every weekend. Fireworks festivals almost are held on Saturday. If it is rain on Saturday, the festival will be postponed on Sunday.


Various colored azaleas are full bloom at Nezu Shrine Azaleas Festival now.

It was a small rainy day. But many people enjoyed azaleas.

Nezu shrine holds azaleas festival until May 6 2013. White, red, pink, Many kinds of azaleas are full bloom now. Nezu shrine is at old-fashioned town. It is a little west of Ueno and close to Tokyo University. Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi built these building in 1706.


Tokyo Disneyland starts 30th anniversary year today.

A decoration on a pedestrian overpass to Tokyo Disneyland. Visitors gradually get into high spirits.

Tokyo Disneyland starts 30th anniversary year today. It held a memorial ceremony this morning. According to a news, about 15000 people waited its entrance from early morning, and the first person in the line waited twelve hours. They waited for a long time to get good seats of the ceremony.


Tokyo International Forum holds a classical music festival on the beginning of May.

La Folle Journêe au Japon “Days of Enthusiasm” is a classical music festival. World famous musicians of classical music as singers, pianists, guitarists, violinists, other instruments players, and orchestras perform in parallel here and there from morning until night at Tokyo International Forum and Marunouchi from May 3 to May 5.


KITTE is a new shopping mall which opened March 21 2013 in front of Tokyo Station.

The comfortable six floor-high atrium. A huge postcard ornament was there.

A new shopping mall named “KITTE” opened in front of Tokyo Station on March 21 2013. Many stores, restaurants and a tourist information center are there. KITTE connects to Tokyo Station directly in underground.


A new tourist information center opened in JP Tower. It is in front of Tokyo Station.

This counter is on the first basement floor. You can consult about sightseeing.

A new tourist information center named “Tokyo City i” opened in JP Tower on March 21 2013. JP Tower is a new 38 story building in front of Marunouchi south entrance of Tokyo Station.


Cherry blossoms season in 2013 has gone. Chidorigafuchi in central Tokyo.

The most north side of Chidorigafuchi moat.

Appearance of Chidorigafuchi that cherry blossoms fell already. It was quiet.


Tokyo Sky Tree illuminates special like cherry blossoms until April 10.

舞 (Mai) means a dance. The tower is pink overall.

Now Tokyo Sky Tree illuminates itself special like cherry blossoms. Illuminations are two patterns. One is 舞 (Mai) and the other is 咲 (Saki). Mai is pink and Saki is white. Both show cherry blossoms. They change alternately in fifteen minutes. Storm blew in Japan all day. The observation decks closed all day. Yet several sightseeing bus tour groups came.


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