Yurikamome is a new traffic system which connects between central Tokyo and a waterfront area along Tokyo Bay. When you will go to Odaiba, you may get on this Yurikamome. Yurikamome means black-headed gull in Japanese. Black-headed gull is one of birds that are living at Tokyo Bay.

Yurikamome starts from Shimbashi Station, goes through Odaiba, and finally reaches Toyosu Station. And then the train go back from Toyosu Station to Shimbashi Station on the reverse direction. Toyosu district is the move place of Tsukiji Fish Market in the future where Tokyo Metropolitan Government chose.

Yurikamome is a small and driverless train. Central computer systems control the train remotely. So passengers can sit in the front seats of the train. If you can sit there, you will be able to enjoy maximum its nice view of the waterfront area in Tokyo. The train accelerates at a straight line, runs beside high buildings. It crosses Rainbow Bridge on Tokyo Bay, and also pass through near a ferris wheel of Odaiba and Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center.

Its fare is a little more expensive than other normal railways in Tokyo. When you get on Yurikamome, you can pay its fare by Suica or PASMO and other electlic money cards of Railways.

Yurikamome is weak to strong winds. Yurikamome is passing through the waterfront area along Tokyo Bay. Rarely very strong winds blow in central Tokyo. This area receives strong winds from sea directly. If strong winds blow over its defined value, Yurikamome will stop running. If you will get on it on a very strong windy day, you had better to care it.

See the official website of Yurikamome.

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